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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio

Please look at these..... don't say I didn't tell you so....
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
I knew this was coming......I JUST KNEW IT!!! When I saw THIS.... ( StreamLicensing@Yahoo.com ) I thought WHAT is This? a Yahoo email.. This can't be good......Wellll I Guess I was Right... NOW.......PEOPLE WHO HAVE RADIO STATIONS... SMALL STATIONS... Don't Fall for LIVE365.com TRICK....... YOU ARE GOING OFF AIR.
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
http://metaldevastationradio.com/thebeast/blog/3917/did-stream-licensing-de fraud-internet-radio-stations-rob-artists28198
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
I had an interesting conversation with Stream Licensing recently and thought I would share it with those who might be curious to know more about them.

I recently had a conversation with someone about switching MDR over to Live365 as an alternative platform since they offer an ad-based program which can help offset the high cost of streaming and they have a built-in license for broadcasters. When we got on the subject of Stream Licensing, I was told that Stream Licensing are not actually legal and they have not been paying royalties to Sound Exchange, BMI, Ascap and Sesac. I laughed at first and thought this person must be crazy. I mean if you go to the website of Stream Licensing you will see listed all over how they pay royalties to these companies and so forth. So, out of curiosity, I emailed Stream Licensing and simply asked them “Can you show me proof that you are paying royalties to Sound Exchange, BMI, Ascap and Sesac?” The response that I got was something I totally did not expect and still to this moment can't fully believe it but this is what they said.

“Hello, Unfortunately, I don't have proof available. If you are concerned, I'm going to suggest that we close your account and stop services. You will then go over to live365.com and you will pay your bill to them and use their streaming. I'm canceling your account.” - Paul Merrell

Following this response, I instantly got an email confirming my cancellation, even though I did not cancel my account, and was simply asking a question.

My next response:

“If you cannot provide proof that you have been paying our money to where it should be going, then I kindly request a refund for every month that I have paid you and you have not paid royalties on my behalf. This means you have charged me and taken my money for services that you did not provide, and you left me open to lawsuits. I am requesting proof that royalties have been paid going back to the beginning of our business relationship. These are illegal business practices, if you are not doing what we are paying you for.”

Stream Licensing’s response:

“Hi Zachery, I'm not authorized to provide a huge refund. I can refund 3 months of payments and we will close your account immediately. This is the only offer i can provide.” - Paul Merrell

Then the next day they followed up with another response and a completely different tone.

“Hi, I just looked at your site and you aren't compliant. We aren't paying you anything at all. I have informed the owner of the company of your site and we will see what happens. The page is definitely out of compliance.” - Paul Merrell

My response:

“You were not providing the services that we were paying for, so therefore you committed fraud. You stole from us. And, if you had been doing your job, you could have informed us that our website was not compliant. But all you were doing is taking our money for nothing. As far as I knew, we were compliant. We had your embedded player button and the logo on our site. You were not compliant as you are not paying royalties to them. You need to refund my money now. Btw. I have well over 100 thousand followers on social media. I have a blog and I have many contacts with mainstream media outlets. I bet they would find this conversation very interesting, don't you?“

Their response:


Just a few minutes ago I was going to take a screenshot of what it says on their home page about what they offer but it looks like the website is down.... Interesting. www.streamlicensing.com

As many of you know, Metal Devastation Radio has been on Stream Licensing’s platform for a little over 5 years now. Running and operating a legal online radio station requires you to get licensed in order to play copyrighted material and in order to make sure royalties are paid to the artists for their work. This is a very expensive thing and depending on how many listeners you have on your station it can get to be extremely expensive. We have been paying anywhere from 60 dollars a month to 120 dollars a month, depending on how many listeners we had for that period. We have always looked at this as simply part of it. It might seem like a lot but in reality, how can you expect to play music from bands without paying them something for their work. I am also well aware the artists barely make anything from this at all, by the time it actually reaches them but that is a totally other story.

Regardless, we have always been proud to be licensed and legit and to be able to say we give something back to the community of artists that work so hard making the music we all love and listen to every day.

So, you can only imagine how I felt when I learned this horrifying truth about Stream Licensing. So, what does this all mean exactly? Are they committing mass fraud to the thousands of internet radio stations they supposedly cover? Are they committing fraud to all the artists that trusted the websites with their logo on it? I really do not know but what I can say is that we are proud to be now on the live365 platform and fully licensed as you can see proof of them being legit along with other well-known companies like Pandora, SeriusXM and IheartMedia on Sound Exchange’s website here at this link: SoundExchange
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
StreamLicensing.com is closed for business.

Effective June 14, 2019, StreamLicensing.com has officially closed its doors and is no longer in business. This includes licensing, players, and all other services.

Have no fear though, thankfully the Live365.com team has stepped in to help all small webcasters get licensed and back on the air! They are offering an exclusive special for StreamLicensing clients of 50% off your first month of Live365 Broadcaster services.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the coupon code “SLClosing” on their pricing page:


Also Live365 has a team of Product Consultants ready to help you switch your station over to their licensing services. You can pick a time in their calendar or contact them at:

Schedule a Call
In addition to Licensing Services, Live365 provides:
A Full Station Management Platform with a Suite of Broadcasting Tools
Access to a large distribution network including Alexa and Mobile App listings
Monetization Options for your station
And much more!

Once again we apologize for the sudden closure, but we have no doubt all our StreamLicensing customers will be in good hands with the Live365 team. So please reach out to them today to get started.

Have some questions about your previous StreamLicensing.com account? Please read our FAQs below:

“How do I contact Streamlicensing.com to discuss my account?”

– You may contact StreamLicensing for any outstanding matters or questions by reaching us via email at: StreamLicensing@Yahoo.com.

“I already paid for my coverage in advance, how do I receive a refund?”

– Please email us if you prepaid to the email address: StreamLicensing@Yahoo.com.

“Why is Streamlicensing.com closing?”

– StreamLicensing historically has been an advocate for the small webcaster. With the legislative changes in music royalties, the business model became unsustainable and therefore expensive to defend against the Music Pro's.

“Was I covered for licensing with Streamlicensing.com?”

– As we have certified beforehand, StreamLicensing maintained the position to indemnify you from the issues related to the PRO's. That is what indemnification means.
“Will my previous performance reports be submitted to the appropriate licensing agencies?”

– Everything will continue as it has beforehand in that respect.
“How do I get a copy of my performance reports from Streamlicensing.com?”

– You may contact us via email at: StreamLicensing@Yahoo.com.
“Is Live365 affiliated with Streamlicensing.com?”

– No. The companies are not affiliated.
StreamLicensing is simply facilitating a transition to another licensing platform that has the capacity to fulfill these services going forward.
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
Today my heart is broken, one of my ALL TIME Favorite actors died. Tim Conway, was a great comedian . Rest in peace Buddy..
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
):-) PERK!!!!!!!
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Name: Dom. Jose Carlos. At JDS Radio
Gee you smelly twat. You Still at it? I haven't been here in a while because, I Have better things to do then conversing with a subhuman ):-)
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Name: You know who I Am
1st of all, you are a hater. You attack people that have beaten you in your BS games. You put stuff out there that is not true, mainly from being a sadistic, egotistical maniac or being drunk or high or both, and you expect people to just let it go with no consequences on you. Honestly I do not know who is worse, you or Graham with his double talk getting others in trouble then acting like your friend.
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Name: You know who I am
First of all Graham, you do know who I am. Both of you know me. The two of you cost me a lot of grief and anguish in the past, and now I have to work to re-establish the confidence that was lost by your BS that you so generously spread. You like to cause others grief but when it comes back on you, you get hyper? And Rosie, you are not innocent in this either. Also like I said before, if Joe sees anything he doesn't like, he abuses his power on this site. So all of you can chew on that for a while.

Admin reply: first of all, why would you call me a hater? I only attack people who attack me. and you came in here talking shit. SO. Who are you. I will not tell anyone who you are. this is between you and I. what did these two " 2 " did to you . AGAIN A Personal chat between you and I...

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